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ASL Online Classes
for Kids

Sign Language Hub offers a comprehensive selection of sign language instruction tailored to meet the needs of both dedicated and casual learners. Our courses are conducted via Zoom, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Currently, SLH provides ASL levels 1 and 2, with levels 3, 4, 5, and 6 scheduled for future release. Our team consists of proficient Deaf instructors who specialize in online teaching, catering to students ranging from beginners to advanced learners.

ASL Level 1: Exciting & Interactive Class for Kids Learning Sign Language!

(Ages 8-12 only — Beginners Welcome!)

What you will learn:
  • ASL Alphabet and Fingerspelling
  • Fingerspell It! Game
  • Numbers
  • Number Codes Game
  • Colors and Emotions
  • Family-related Signs
When you sign up for a class, you will receive the E-notes and Zoom link within 48 hours before the class begins. Additionally, after each class, you will receive the Zoom recordings for your practice and reviews.
ASL Level 1 for kids

Early Winter
6-Week Schedule
ASL Level 1 for Kids

Class Details:

1 classes per week
1 hour per class
6-week program
Total: 6 hours

Price: $125

Time Zone-Eastern Standard Time

To Det
ermine Your Time Zone, Please Click Here

ASL LEVEL 1 — Kids


Jan 10-Feb 14


Eastern Standard Time

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ASL Level 2 for kids
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